How does Toku work?

How does Toku work?

As you say goodbye to your friends, family, and other connections back home, and they ask you to stay in touch while you travel, you wonder how much of wi-fi you will find in the region you’re headed, especially while on the move… in a train, car, on the streets? International roaming for data is of course super expensive, and without an internet connection, how will you afford international calling?

That is exactly where Toku comes in!

Unlike other existing apps, it lets you always stay connected while traveling, even while offline, at your home mobile number, at almost local call rates! So you don’t have to set aside your dollars for calling, and can use them for your trip instead. 🙂

In a nutshell, these are some of the exclusive things you can do with Toku:

  • You can maintain communication both online and offline (without any data or wi-fi). Toku will automatically detect the strongest and cheapest connection mode for you to make and receive your calls*.
  • You can be reachable on multiple numbers, and even choose the number to be available on. So your contacts calling you via Toku never need to note a switch in your numbers.
  • Everyone back home can reach you on any or all numbers of your preference, at all times, through a simple Toku call from their side. You just pay nominal rates for receiving the call, even when offline.
  • You can make cheap international calls even when offline*.
  • Irrespective of the number being used and online connectivity, you are always ensured of excellent quality calls.

*At present the offline calling services exist only in Singapore, will be extended to other countries soon.

Setting up Toku just takes 3 steps and 5 minutes!

  • Register your home mobile number on Toku.
  • Create an account on Toku and get a customized and personal URL.
  • Get a SIM card in the country of travel and register your new mobile number on Toku.

Et voila! You are now connected 24 / 7, at a budget that doesn’t break your bank!