5 reasons why you should get the Toku App:

Get a virtual number

With Toku, you can buy a Singaporean number without an extra SIM card.

* Manage multiple identities and get a second number to sell, work or play!
* Stay reachable on your Home number when you travel.
* Get a presence in Singapore as if you were there.

Get a disposable number on Toku. It is cheap, easy and secure!

One Toku App to rule them all

Phone numbers are just one too many, especially for frequent travellers. Who remembers them anyway? With Toku's call forwarding feature, you can link two numbers to your account!  All you need is one Toku app to stay connected wherever you are!

To roam or not to roam? That’s not the question

No question about it, you can now roam without roaming charges. With Toku, you have the smartest analytical systems to decide the most cost effective methods to call anywhere in the world! Save yourself both money and brain power!

Phone numbers are so yesterday

Phone numbers will soon be a thing of the past. With Toku, you get a unique URL attached to your Toku account so you can be contacted from any digital platform with just one click! Be the future today, share your Toku URL instead!

Keep your identity a secret

You're paranoid about privacy and security? Your friends call you the talker stalker and ignore your calls? You're famous and don't want to reveal your personal number? Whatever the reason, Toku's Stealth Mode feature can hide your Caller ID and keep you anonymous.