Get a virtual number in Singapore

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Get a virtual number in Singapore!

Ever wished you could be in 2 places at the same time? Or at least have a presence in a country that was important to you? Well, now you can have this superpower with Toku’s virtual numbers.

We wish we had the ability to give you physical superpowers 😉 , but for now we will do the next best thing:

Help you have a digital presence and make you reachable in foreign countries without affecting your life in your home country!

How? Very simple. We provide you with local mobile numbers in foreign countries* where people can reach you just by dialling a local number irrespective of where you may be. No separate SIM, no additional phone and no hefty mobile bills!

Let's imagine a scenario. You are living in the USA and want to apply for jobs in Singapore. Employers probably find it easier to contact you on a local Singaporean number.

So once you sign up on Toku with your USA mobile number, this is what you do:

1. Keep your USA SIM in your mobile

2. Buy a Singaporean mobile number through Toku. (Now your Toku account contains both your USA and your Singapore number).

3. Put your Singapore local number on your resume or any other document which you send to employers and contacts in Singapore.

4. When they call your Singaporean number at local call rates, Toku forwards the call to wherever you are reachable. With an internet connection, you get a free call on Toku. If you are offline, Toku forwards the call to your USA number and you pay USA local call rates for receiving it.

This is not just about receiving calls from others. You can also make calls to the rest of the world and the number that shows up on the receiver’s mobile is your Singapore number. Just call through Toku, and choose the Singaporean number to be displayed. All at Toku outgoing call rates.

How convenient is that?!

You can lease up to 5 phone numbers at a time, and each could be as cheap as US$2.79 a month. This is as cheap as it gets!

So go ahead, if you want to expand your possibilities and balance different purposes easily. Get your virtual Toku number now, and let us know about your experience!

*This service is currently available in Singapore, and will be extended to other countries soon.