Travel apps to use offline

Top apps to use offline when you travel

We would like to recommend some helpful apps like ours that you can use while you travel, whether you have an internet connection or not. With our suggestions, you will get around with confidence and convenience, and fully enjoy your trip knowing you are connected everywhere!

Here you go:

Tripit is a fabulous app to keep all your flight tickets, hotel reservations, and other bookings of your trip in one place, accessible anywhere and anytime. So no need to carry printouts (unless specifically required somewhere), or depend on the internet to draw up your itinerary when you need it!

Tripit (Source: NetAns)

Maps.Me (Source: UberGizmo)

While Google Maps is quite handy when you’re online, and it has some offline maps available, it’s not quite as extensive as other free maps say Maps.Me, Avenza PDF Maps, and also CityMaps2Go. Maps.Me is the most detailed including tourist landmarks, public transport stops, essential places like pharmacies, etc.

If you’re not travelling on a full paid business trip that allows you to reimburse all your cab fares, you might have to depend on public transport for getting around, and Trafi makes it easy, for free. It gives you the best public transport routes and accurate timetables, using real time data.

Trafi (Source: Trafi)

Google Translate works fine for many languages in offline use, for free, that you can download in advance, with both text and images. If you think you mostly need to translate phrases, you can check out TripLingo, with a monthly fee of $9.99. Another cool app, especially for North Asian characters, is Waygo. Simply take a picture of the text and get an English translation, free for 10 translations daily, $6.99 for unlimited use.

Usually we all tend to remember the basic conversion of our home currency and that of the foreign country we’re going to visit, but to do complicated calculations, one of the best free apps is XE, especially useful to juggle between multiple currencies. Another free offline app is Currency, and it’s especially useful as it works in 17 languages.


Triposo (Source: AppFutura)

If you didn’t plan your trip activities at all before, you land in the new city of travel and think, “now what”, Triposo  is the app for you. It’s like a Wikitravel, Wikipedia, and other such sites all rolled into one, so you have a full, free offline guide with recommendations on activities, sightseeing, places to stay, places to eat in, and it also includes a phrasebook, maps, a currency conversion calculator, and more. For an app focussed specifically on Asia, try out the Asia Travel Guide Offline or even the Singapore-based Travel Door.

There! Those are the easiest apps we think might help you when you don’t have an internet connection. But make sure you download them when you DO have an internet connection, before you go offline, and also download the data pack for the cities/ languages, etc, that you need.

If you have any other favourite apps you use regularly while travelling, even while offline, do let us know as well!