How to stay internationally connected at cheap rates while travelling

Travelling Made Easy

Hopping on a plane to travel near and far has never been easier. Easy, fast, smooth. A few clicks on a few travel websites, and you’re ready to head out. But what about being connected while you’re on your trip? The huge charge of making calls on roaming is no secret.

Yes, as a seasoned traveler, you know that getting a local SIM card in the country of travel is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to talk to others. But let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced world, you may also have to stay reachable on your home mobile in case you receive an urgent or important call, right?

So you do the age-old method of carrying a spare phone for your travel SIM. Sure, this is a good way to make and receive calls globally without an internet connection. But do you really want to lug around 2 phones? Wouldn’t you want a smarter solution? One that makes juggling between the home and travel numbers a breeze, both for you and the person calling you? A connectivity option that doesn’t make the roaming costs on your home mobile shoot through the roof?

Overall, you’d really like this staying-connected-while-travelling stuff to be way smoother, simpler, and cheaper, right?
Someone somewhere heard you, and…
wait for it…

Say hi to Toku!
An app that lets you stay easily connected on any number at cheap rates

You can just carry one mobile with one SIM (home or travel), and choose to be reachable on that number, whether people know that number or not, whether you have an internet connection or not.
Too good to be true? Not quite 😉 It’s very simple, really.
All you’ve gotta do is sign up on Toku, get an ID (like Skype), and register the number you want to be connected on!

  • So no need to update the folks back home with your travel number
    People can just call you through their desktop or the Toku app. If you have internet connection at that moment, you receive the call online on Toku, for free! But unlike Skype, Line, Whatsapp or other calling apps, Toku is not internet dependent. If you’re offline, Toku simply forwards the incoming call, at local rates, to the number you’ve specified. So if you have the travel SIM on your phone and you set it as your preferred number on Toku, your home contacts can reach you on it through a Toku call, without even ever knowing that number.


  • Receive calls on your home number at dirt cheap rates
    As Toku forwards the call to your preferred number at local rates, you can be reachable on your home number if you want, yet pay peanuts for it.


  • You want to be available on both your home and travel numbers simultaneously without paying a fortune? 
    Don’t worry, Toku’s got you! Register both the numbers on the app, put the 2 SIM cards in 2 phones, and if you’re offline, Toku will forward your incoming call to both numbers. Your choice which phone you want to pick up first 😉


  • Callers pay zilch
    As long as people back home call you through Toku, it’s free for them, and if you’re offline, you only pay local rates for incoming calls. Expenses minimized.


  • You’re reachable on on any number you want, at any time
    One of the best parts is, the caller never needs to care which SIM card you have in your phone at which point. You know how on Whatsapp you can connect only one number to the app, and if someone doesn’t have that number, they can’t reach you through the app? On Toku, they don’t need to care. They simply call your Toku id, and Toku figures out the best way to connect you: online, or to the number you have set.

So there you go! Talk about killing many birds with one stone! Through Toku, in one shot, you address all the hassles of travel connectivity. And the icing on the cake? You can also avoid hunting around for wi-fi to make your precious calls!